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Blue Tiger's Eye - Crystal Archive
Blue Tiger's Eye - Crystal Archive
Blue Tiger's Eye - Crystal Archive

Blue Tiger's Eye 1 lb

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A Quartz stone pseudomorph, Hawk’s Eye commonly known as Blue Tiger’s Eye is a finely chatoyant form of Quartz itself, formed by dissolution of crocidolite which produces sodium and sheenful iron. Iron‘s oxidized form acquires fibrous forms and imparts blue tinge to the stone. It results in blue crocidolite lines running parallel inside the crystalline structure. With absent double refraction, it has an opaque transparency. With uniaxial optic character, it possesses a refractive index of 1.54-1.55. This hexagonal crystalline structural gemstone has a specific gravity ranging from 2.63-2.65. Hawk’s Eye is a highly tough gemstone with a Mohs hardness score of 7. With indiscernible cleavage planes, this grayish blue gemstone undergoes splintery fractures.

With 0.009 birefringence and positive optic sign, it shows a silky and vitreous luster. It belongs to the trigonal silicate group and has a greenish blue to grayish blue hue. Crocidolite fiber interwoven with quartz particles produces a chatoyant shine. The French term, chatoyer meaning ‘to shine like a cat’s eye’ led to the word chatoyant.

Ancient Egyptians employed Hawk’s Eye to gain profound material success by transmitting sun god Ra’s powers. A grounding state occurs with a combination of vibrational energies of the sun and the earth. Consequently, earth starts attracting spiritual energies leading to great progress.

Hawk’s eye boosts communication particularly the applied communication in business matters and at the workplace. It enables one to discover his inner strengths and to muster up his courage to turn his ideas into reality. Channeling the willpower energies into the practical world, it can help make wonders. It focuses inner vision and enhances intuition. This stone also helps protect chakras of upper body including third-eye apart from throat chakra. Furthermore, the stone attracts good fortune to the bearer.

Countering obstinacy and increasing the insight, it balances yin and yang energies. It helps improve integrative connections between two hemispheres of the brain, thereby, promoting perceptibility of the wearer. Blue tiger’s eye is carved in rings, necklaces, floral pins, pendants and other ornamental jewelry.

It is believed to heal eye disorders like strabismus, photophobia, ptosis especially night blindness. It helps overcome the hindrances in one’s mind towards creativity and innovation.

This blue stone boosts self-worth and has a soothing effect on the central nervous system. Used as a cure for addictive tendencies, it is an attraction for tipsy folks. Hypochondria associated with extreme worry regarding one’s health and depressive psychosomatic effects can find a remedy in the stone’s radiation energies.

Blue Tiger's Eye - Crystal Archive