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Black Tourmaline - Crystal Archive
Black Tourmaline - Crystal Archive
Black Tourmaline - Crystal Archive

Black Tourmaline 1 lb

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Second most common type of tourmaline, ‘Schorl’ is a divalent member of tourmaline series. About 95% of the earth’s tourmaline is schorl . The name ‘Schorl’ is derived from a village schorl in Saxony, Germany. The village had a tin mine in its suburbs where black tourmaline was discovered. This hexagonal crystal occurs as long and striated prismatic crystals, tabular crystals and stubby prismatic crystals with round triangular cross-section. Aggregates of this white streaked crystal occur in columnar, botryoidal and stalactitic groups. This transparent to opaque mineral has a Mohs hardness score of 7.0-7.5. Vitreous with about three cleavage planes, it has a specific gravity of 2.9-3.3. Some brown and black specimens of schorl are dull in appearance. Brittle in tenacity, it undergoes a conchoidal fracture. Interestingly, some forms of tourmaline black appear as fluorescent yellow under ultra-violet radiation. Belonging to the cyclosilicate group it is highly piezoelectric as well as pyroelectric. It occurs in nature as igneous and metamorphic rock types.

This uni-axial stone has a prismatic to acicular morphology with grayish white streaks. Its chemical composition reveals it to be a silicate of aluminum and boron. There is high hydrogen and ferrous concentrates in its structure. Other minerals laid down in the crystalline matrix include magnesium, sodium, calcium, lithium, manganese, and fluorine. Owing to its piezoelectric nature, shortwave radio and pressure gauges utilize this gemstone in controlling frequency.

This stone helps remove heavy metals and radiation from the human body. Furthermore, it has the potential to chelate different toxins from within bones of the body and to remove DNA damaging agents. Therefore, it is used in the remedy of cancer, mercury poisoning, radiation, chronic fatigue, and HIV. These are some of the pestilent qi manifestations.

This black captivating gem stone is distributed all across the world specifically in Africa, Australia, Brazil, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, and the USA.

It is believed to ward off self-doubts and counter all negativities in the psyche of the bearer. These stones come off as a formidable ally during the process of grounding the energies. Meditation gets potentiated around this stone’s aura. You cannot carry these stones all day, therefore, there is a need to have some of these in your bedroom.

Etheric body cleansing gets enhanced as the crystal is placed under the pillow. Medically it boosts the immune system and brings about relief from various painful conditions like arthritis, spinal disorders, adrenal problems and muscular spasms. It also guards against obsessive behavioral traits.

The stone is believed to transmute negative energy into positive bursts of energy rather than just absorbing or removing it. Vibrations of the place where it is kept get highly improved.

Black Tourmaline - Crystal Archive