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Amazonite - Crystal Archive
Amazonite - Crystal Archive
Amazonite - Crystal Archive

Amazonite 1 lb

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Amazonite belongs to microcline feldspar mineral. Many attribute green color of Amazonite to lead traces (1.2%) in its substance in the form of lead oxide. This opaque green gemstone is chemically potassium aluminum silicate with white streaks crossing its cleavage planes at different angles. This triclinic crystal is often found with yellow, gray or white inclusions with a Moh’s hardness score of 6-6.5. The crystal with its silvery sheen exists as tabular or blocky crystalline forms. These green rectangular or square cross-sectioned crystals are often twinned.

While its color closely resembles jadeite and nephrite crystals, it has a characteristic crystalline pattern of its own as mottled and grid-like. It is also falsely called as ‘Pikes Peak Jade’ and also as ‘Colorado Jade’. These vitreous crystals have a specific gravity of 2.5 and possess right-angled cleavage planes. Amazonite initially labeled as Amazon stone is usually found in cabochon form and always lacks faceting. Furthermore, it's non-faceted nature is due to conchoidal fracture tendencies. This microcline stone is used in minerals, ornaments, and jewelry.

Sensitive to abrasives, heat acids, ammonia and other chemicals, always use a mild form of soap and tap water to clean the surface of Amazonite. Beware of hot water, steamers and ultrasonic gem cleaners when retaining luster of Amazonite. Also, use a soft cloth for rubbing its feeble crystalline form. Despite its rarity and unique tints of green, it is not a very expensive gemstone. When used in jewelry, it is highly liable to cracking; therefore, it must be handled with utmost care.

Amazonite is believed to keep an individual on the side of truth, as well as keeping him/her objective when dealing with pressure and talking about sensitive subjects, or something that is close to his/her heart. Conversely, when one finds himself/herself on the receiving end of communication, this stone would help in distinguishing truth versus lie.

It is associated with the sixth sign of the zodiac, Virgo and is believed to alleviate stress, exhaustion, and muscular spasms. People also believe it is ‘Stone of Hope’ and it directs alignment of subtle body elements, soothes the nervous system, awakens kundalini, boosts physical stamina and enhances throat chakras. Believed to provide clarity in the thought process, it also grooms creative potential of the bearer. It guides luck charms in social interactions and marital affairs. Physically it gives positive skin effects as glow.

On the physical aspect, Amazonite is beneficial for those with illnesses concerning the thyroid, nerves, breasts, and spine. It relieves stress and anxiety, bringing about calmness and serenity. It is further believed to repel unwanted energy from microwave, computers, and other electronics.

While some say that Amazonite is named after the Amazon River, some also believe that it was named after the Amazon female warriors, thus aptly calling it the stone of courage. This stone also believed to enhance one's leadership skills, guiding those around him/her to a positive outcome.

Amazonite is mostly found in Australia, Brazil, Namibia, Madagascar, Russia, Zimbabwe, and Canada, but the largest deposits are found in Colorado, in the US. This mineral's color is acquired from its lead content within the microcline. It has a translucent to opaque transparency and a vitreous luster. It is usually cut into cabochons, but is recommended to be handled gently as it may chip with excessive pressure.

Amazonite - Crystal Archive