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Black Obsidian - Crystal Archive
Black Obsidian - Crystal Archive
Black Obsidian - Crystal Archive

Black Obsidian 1 lb

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Also known as Dragonglass from the hit television show “Game of Thrones,” black obsidian is known within that fictional world as the only material that can defeat the fictional army of the dead called “white walkers.”

Back to this world, classed under the mineraloids family, Black Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass that develops as an extrusive igneous rock. This stone is mainly seen in areas where there have been rhyolitic eruptions such as Italy, Kenya, Japan, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Mexico, New Zealand and many other locations. With high silica content, Black Obsidian forms as a result of the rapid cooling of felsic lava pushed out of a volcano. The stone developed within the margin of obsidian flows which is a type of rhyolitic lava flow. Due to the absence of atomic diffusion in this lava with a high level of viscosity and polymerization, Black Obsidian does not transform into a crystal. Lacking in an inner structure, Black Obsidian is amorphous and does not have any crystal system. But it forms massive layers or compact nodules between other volcanic rocks. It has a smooth uniform texture with good toughness. It is an inflexible gemstone which has sharp edges when it breaks in a conchoidal fracture.

Black Obsidian is available in different varieties with the color being the major point of difference. However, in a pure state, Obsidian is black or blackish brown in color. But with impurities, it can have different colors such as orange, red, blue, brown, green and tan. The stone receives its black color from the presence of iron and other transition elements. It is also possible to see a two colored deposit with black and brown combination being the most common.

In diaphaneity, it is a siliceous glassy gemstone with transparent to opaque appearance. With a Mohs hardness of 5 to 5.5, Black Obsidian is not a very tough stone and thus, it can easily be broken. But despite its soft nature, it is used in making jewelry thanks to its durability. It has vitreous luster with a white streak and a specific gravity of 2.4.

Black Obsidian has been widely used both in the past and in the present. In history, mankind has used this stone to produce various kinds of items such as arrowheads, blades, mirrors when effectively polished, jewelry, surgery blades, decorative ornaments and others. In the new world, the stone can be used to make sharp knives, scalpel blades used in surgery (especially in animals), ornaments, plinths for audio turntables and others.

Metaphysically, Black Obsidian is believed to have an overwhelming effect and thus should be used with caution for crystal healing as it brings unpleasant truths as well as negative emotion which has to be dealt with before peace can be achieved. This is why some people utilize a more gentle stone for crystal healing. However, Black Obsidian has a great renown as a protective stone. It can be used for protection against negative energies from the environment and any other forms of negativity.

The stone enhances digestion, relieves arthritic pain and provide cure to joint problems. Possess this stone in order to develop self-control and ground your spiritual energy strongly on the physical plane.

Black Obsidian - Crystal Archive