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White Selenite Generator

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White Selenite is a white and transparent type of gypsum. But with impurities and other minerals such as coal, iron ores, sulfur, copper ores, opal, calcite, dolomite and others, it will have colors or an opaque appearance. Found mainly in the seabed, evaporated lakes, salt flats or in caves, it has a slanted parallelogram outline and bladed blocky or tabular crystals. With a Mohs hardness of 2, white selenite is a very soft mineral which can be scratched with a finger nail.

Chemically written as CaSO4•2H2O, this soft stone, together with other types of gypsum has two molecules given its chemical composition of calcium sulfate dehydrates. Naturally, it is warm when touched because it does not easily lose heat. Its glassy, smooth and pearly appearance is its major feature that differentiates it from other varieties of gypsum. Due to its flexibility, it does not easily break unless it is considerably bent. As a non-elastic type of gypsum, it cannot return to its normal shape when it is bent. Selenite, like other varieties of gypsum, is very simple to cut and can be peeled easily due to its softness. White selenite occurs in a variety of sizes. Some of them are as big as 11 meters with over 5,000 years of existence that can be found in the Naica Mine’s caves of Chihuahua in Mexico.

As far back as 5000 years, humans have started using this mineral for a number of purposes. The ancient Egyptians ground and dried it to form powder-like particles which when mixed with water could be used as mortar for building. Mortar used for bathroom tiling is normally made from this stone.  It can also be used as an ornament for decoration purposes. This soft gypsum is a useful material in the construction industry. Construction companies add it to their construction materials to toughen them. White selenite is a useful material in the world of art as well. In fact, sculptors were among the first group of people to make use of this mineral formation. Painters also grind and mix the powder-like particles obtained in paints to be used as fillers. In the area of agriculture, it is a good fertilizer to apply in order to boost yield.  It contains elements which engender plants’ growth.

The stone also has a lot of metaphysical significance. Some people superstitiously believe that with it, they will be able to contact and request guidance from angels, collaborate with other good spirits, gain awareness and intuition and dispel negativity. A great number of people that have a strong belief in the metaphysical healing powers of White Selenite have attributed their success in building a strong love relationship with their partners to the possession of this stone. It is also believed to be a good stone for protection.