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Rose Quartz (2-Inch Double Terminated) - Crystal Archive

Rose Quartz (2-Inch Double Terminated)

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Rose quartz is one of the macrocrystalline forms of quartz. Just like other quartz in the same category, its crystals can be seen and differentiated with the naked eye. It is a rare mineral found in a number of countries including India, Germany, Madagascar, Brazil, and the USA, with Brazil having the largest deposit. Normally, it forms as solid masses in the cores of large pegmatites. Belonging to the class of tectosilicate, this macrocrystalline quartz is chemically formularized as SiO2.

Unlike a good number of minerals and gemstones, no definite and clearer explanation has been provided for Rose Quartz color. With a white streak, Rose Quartz normally exists in various shades of pink. There are also some variations that are available in rosy-red color. The variety in color has been blamed on impurities such as colloidal gold, manganese, and titanium which may be present in varying degrees in this stone. As a macrocrystalline form of quartz, its transparency ranges from opaque to translucent. With no natural plane of separation, Rose Quart fractures irregularly. The stone exhibits varying crystal habits. But the commonest habit is the hexagonal prisms with the end having two rhombohedrons (six-sided pyramid). In some deposits, the pyramid may appear to be three sided due to the fact that the three of the six sides are dominated by the rest.

Rose Quartz is a very strong stone with a Mohs hardness of 7 and specific gravity of 2.65. However, it has a negligible or weak cleavage in three directions. The gemstone shows weak to distinct pleochroism and displays a visible star effect when viewed from different directions. It has 1.54-1.55 index of refraction. It is associated with a lot of minerals such as amazonite and tourmalines like seolites, pyrite, wolframite, gold, and others.

Across the ages, Rose quartz has been used for a number of purposes.  People have used it to create objects of religious importance, decorative ornaments, and jewelry. Associated with the astrological signs of Taurus and Libra, this stone is historically regarded as the symbol of beauty and love. Some people keep it to tap its energy for unconditional love that provides access to the heart chakra. Thus, Rose Quartz reputes as the stone for every kind of love including platonic, romantic, family, and unconditional and self-love. Many believe that the possessors of this stone will be showered with the unconditional love of the Divine at the time of death when they transition from physical to a spiritual realm, but as with any claims concerning the afterlife, this is relative to each person’s beliefs.