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Quartz Point (2-Inch 16-Faceted Double Terminated) - Crystal Archive

Quartz Point (2-Inch 16-Faceted Double Terminated)

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In the year 1920, the first crystal oscillator was developed. Today, billions and trillions of them are in the use. Quartz has a special property; it vibrates at a specific given frequency, hence used for transmitting signals. Every computer, TV, GPS, watch mobiles have oscillators made of quartz. It has a wide spectrum of applications. It is used in many industries such as the glass industry, time-keeping manufacturing, jewelry making, petroleum, and is also used as an abrasive.

Clear Quartz is pure SiO2. It is one of the most abundant materials in the continental crust of the Earth. It is a base unit for the many minerals and rocks. Clear Quartz is mostly transparent and devoid of impurities. It occurs as cavity deposits, vein deposits or as massive crystallized mass. It crystallizes in igneous rocks around the temperatures of 700 degree Celsius. Apart from igneous rocks, it can also be seen in metamorphic rocks and sedimentary rocks.  In sedimentary rocks, Quartz crystals can be present in the sandstones, conglomerates, grits and some other sedimentary rock units. Quartz is present in every continent hence it is not very expensive. Brazil has the largest reserves of the Quartz. Switzerland, USA, and Russia are some other examples where extensive deposits are found. Though it is abundant in nature, it is also created in labs. Synthetic Quartz is very famous among those who buy economic jewelry.  Quartz has been used by many ancient jewelers to make rings, pendants, brooches and other ornaments.

It is a tough and durable stone with Mohs hardness of 7. It has a white streak and dull luster. Typical SiO2 specific gravity is 2.66 but it may vary from 2.63 to 2.69. Conchoidal fracture is the characteristic feature of the Quartz. Chemically it is an oxide of silica covalently bonded to two oxygen atoms. It crystallizes in a Trigonal-Hexagonal system. Cleavage planes are indiscernible. Optically it can be translucent with a refractive index of 1.554 and +0.009 birefringence. It is a non-pleochroic mineral.

Quartz is said to be beneficial as it is believed to possess many healing properties. Hence, it is famously known as Master healer. It enhances the immune system and helps to develop extraordinary aptitude. It acts as a body and soul cleanser. It is also used for unlocking the memory and in the concentration of powers. It is a national gem for the Scottish and New Hampshirites people. As compared to other stones, Quartz has always been an economic and long lasting material, making it a people’s favorite.

Many priests and saints had possession of this stone and many have in present time. You should have this stone with you in order to find new energies which are necessary to achieve success in life.