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Citrine Point (1.5-Inch Double Terminated) - Crystal Archive

Citrine Point (1.5-Inch Double Terminated)

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Citrine is a popular variety of the mineral Quartz with a yellowish red hue. Upon heating lavender Amethyst, Citrine gemstone acquires reddish yellow or brownish tinges. Natural heating also converts Amethyst into Citrine gemstone. Reddish tint clues the induced heating process. The natural form of citrine has a yellowish hue called ‘Lemon Quartz’. A borderline type of citrine also exists with smoky shades in its crystalline structure.

The hexagonal crystal has many morphological forms like terminated crystals, drusy aggregates, crusty forms, stubby crystals, massive, long prismatic forms and short groupings. With a Moh’s hardness of 7, the stone forms protuberant pyramidal clusters on a geode base. The gemstone also undergoes conchoidal fractures owing to its brittle tenacity. With a specific gravity of about 2.6 to 2.7, the stone lacks any discernible cleavage planes in its crystalline structure. The transparent to translucent stone has a vitreous luster as well. With high solubility in hydrofluoric acid, the gemstone belongs to tectosilicate group of minerals. Chemically SiO2 the stone is widespread in all types of environments, particularly igneous environments. Different rock forms of Citrine include metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary.

This gemstone is believed to attract high will-power, imaginative tendencies, and stimulation. It is also believed to stir the spirits into action while enlightening the Sun chakras. Furthermore, it enhances the creativity of the bearer and processes aspirations into practical forms. Falsely known as Gold Topaz due to its color, it has been in Greek gem dealer shops since 300 B.C.

Being an amplifier of the bearer’s cash box, this gemstone is also known as ‘Merchant’s Stone’. Working not only on acquisition of wealth, it also sustains possession of money of the bearer.  As a gemstone of abundance, prosperity, affluence, and success, it attracts high positivity in the wearer’s life. Helping in money-related matters, it boosts good fortune and manifests generosity in the stone wearer. It is believed that carrying this gemstone inside one’s wallet will increase one’s wealth and stop the extra outflow of money.

Citrine is one of the birth stones for people born in November. Also known as ‘Stone of Mind,’ it enhances mental abilities if placed on the forehead. Owing to its ability to mend and maintain interpersonal matters, relationship issues and family matters get easy solutions in the long-term. Promoting cohesiveness among relatives and friends, it helps understand others’ personal demands and motives.

Citrine is likewise believed to protect the bearer against heartbreak and brings love in the wearer’s life. Alleviating jealousy and conspiracies from one’s life, it is a lucky charm to carry with you.