Classed under the feldspathoid mineral, Sodalite was named by Professor Thomas Thompson, a Glasgow chemist, for its sodium content. It is a rock-forming mineral that can exist in different rock types such as metasomatized calcareous rocks, phonolites, nephelinesyenites, cavities in ejected volcanic blocks and other similar types of silica poor rocks which are composed of silica poor minerals without any quartz. These igneous rocks in which it is formed dissolved from magmas that are very rich in sodium. With a molecular weight of 969.21gm and a chemical formula of Na8Al6Si6O24Cl2, this stone is composed of sodium, aluminum, silicon, chlorine, and oxygen. Sodalite is found in Kola Peninsula of Russia, Bancroft, Golden Maine, Litchfield, Arkansas, Magnet Cove and Ilimaussaq intrusive complex of Greenland.


Sodalite is either transparent or translucent and is available in various colors such as white, purple, green, pink, gray and blue (the blue color variations are the most common). Furthermore, Sodalite has a poor cleavage of 110 and density of 2.20. With an orthoclase Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 6, the specific gravity of 2.27-2.33 and very brittle and uneven fracture capable of forming small conchoidal fragments, this sodium-rich rock forming mineral has vitreous luster and greasy. It can easily be mistaken for lapis lazuli because of the white veining it has. This gemstone belongs to a class of stone with crystal system. With white streak and isotropic optical properties, this sodium rich gemstone has a refractive index of n = 1.483 – 1.487.


Canadian bluestone, as it is also called can be used in several fields for a number of purposes. In the jewelry making industry, it can be cut and polished to form eye-catching cabochons that can serve as beads or can be used to make jewelry. It can also be used to make decorative ornaments.  The stone was used to decorate Marlborough House in London for Princess Mary who has a penchant for the stone. Due to its durability, toughness, and resistance to decay, it is used as a dimension stone. Sodalite is soluble in HNO3. The solution formed when it is dissolved in this compound can be used to test the chlorine level in swimming pools.


Associated with the Throat and Third Eye Chakra, Sodalite is said to bring peace of mind. As a stone of efficiency, rationality, and logic, it enhances rational thought, truth, intuition, and objectivity. Some people keep this stone believing that with it, they will be able to articulate and perfectly express their feelings. It helps possessors develop self-trust, self-acceptance, and their self-esteem. This stone may improve the quality of health for the bearer as it is an effective immune system booster. It also stabilizes the metabolic function of the bearer’s body. In some cultures, Sodalite is used as a cure for digestive, vocal cord, hoarseness, larynx, and throat disorders. It is also said that this stone will help regulate the user’s blood pressure and improve fluids and nutrient absorption in the body. It is further believed to be a good remedy for insomnia.

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