Rhodonite is present in almost all the continents of the world but is hugely available in Sweden, Spain, Russia, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Madagascar, India, and South Africa. It is a highly priced rare and exotic stone that is normally available in granular or massive forms. Though similar with Rose Quartz in many ways, it belongs to the category of inosilicate with a chemical formula of (Mn, Fe, Mg, and Ca) SiO3. The stone takes the time to form and slowly crystallizes in triclinic system. It is a rare gemstone with a granular or tabular habit.


Manganese combines with other minerals such as aluminum and calcium in a sedimentary process to form this gemstone. The oxidization of the manganese as a result of exposure to weather causes the stone to have its rosy colored veins. But there are yellowish, grayish and brownish deposits of Rhodonite. The color variation is a result of partial replacement of the manganese by other minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron. In other words, the rosy colors for which it is known is dependent on the amount of manganese present in a deposit. There are some varieties that have black veins, green and brown areas due to impurities.


Rhodonite is normally opaque or translucent in appearance but transparent varieties can also occur. It is a gemstone with a dull or vitreous luster and a white streak. Rhodonite has 0.01 – 0.014 birefringence and displays weak pleochroism with no dispersion strength but its prismatic cleavage on {110} and {110}, (110) ^ (110) = 92.5°; and {001} is almost perfect. It does not fracture evenly and regularly. As a strong gemstone with a Mohs hardness range of 5.5 – 6.5 and specific gravity of 3.4-3.7, this stone can be cut and polished to form beads or cabochons for making of jewelry.


Revered and respected by the citizens of Massachusetts as the official gemstone of their state, Rhodonite is an attractive gemstone normally collected for its beauty. It is associated with the heart Chakra. With the great reputation as the stone of compassion, Rhodonite is believed to heal the bearers of emotional scars and traumas, activates their hearts and imbues in them the spirit of self-love and forgiveness. It brings serenity and peace of mind in annoying and confusing situations. Rhodonite is believed to transform the body and increase the quality of the health of its possessors in a number of ways. With it, arthritic pains and joint inflammation are said to be relieved. It also enhances fertility, promotes bone growth, and improves hearing. Many keep this stone close in order to open and activate the heart chakra and improve the quality of life.

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    Sold by approximate weight and not by the size of the stones or its estimated count. Approximate weight: 1 lb Estimated stone count: 8 - 11 stones.  Size range: 1 1/8" x 1 1/2" - 1 1/4" x 2" ..