Red Malachite

Red Malachite is a unique type of gemstone even though it has similar properties with Green Malachite. Its color, which provides it with added properties, is the major feature that differentiates it from the green opaque banded mineral. It is available in different shades of red, orange and brown colors. The level of iron present in a deposit determines its coloration. The stone normally is with a pale creamy streak which identifies it. But the band will look murky when the stone is dusty.


Valued for its warm terra cotta hue, Red Malachite is a type of jasper which belongs to the family of silicate. Like the green malachite, it forms crystals in a monoclinic system. It can be in stalactitic, botryoidal and massive forms with crystals that are needle-like, prism-like or tabular. When it is massive, it will have a dull luster which will be glossy when it is fibrous. It is a soft stone with a specific gravity of 2.58 – 2.91 and a hardness of 3 – 3.5 on the Mohs scale. Its refractive index is 1.54.


Malachite is a valuable gemstone for mankind both in ancient times and in contemporary society. It was put into different uses by the ancient Egyptians. With it, they carved images of religious importance, made amulet and produced cosmetics for their women. Though Red Malachite is very soft, its beautiful terra cotta hue has made it irresistible for jewelers of all ages. However, it is mostly used to create earrings and necklaces as these kinds of pieces of jewelry are not exposed to many impacts. It was used by magicians to increase their power. Some people wore beads made from this stone in order to protect themselves against physical dangers and also to eliminate all negative forces around them. Despite its softness, it could be used to make decorative ornaments.


In the past, it was believed that love can be nurtured or won with this stone when it was worn so that it touched the heart. It has a reputation of being a fun-giving gemstone, which when possessed can elevate stamina and remove fears. As a stone for fun-seekers, it inspires its possessors to value their life, have fun and enjoy being alive. It is a great stone and is believed to improve the bearers’ understanding, concentration and psychic and physical vision. With it, the possessor is believed to gain control of their ego and be able to balance their desires. Having this stone is said to boost one’s social life and enhance the bearer’s knowledge.

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