Red Goldstone

Red Goldstone is an artificial glass that is filled with cuprous oxide which turns into metallic copper when heated to toughen the stone. It is produced in a low oxygen environment with colloidal copper which provides the red color effect. This stone forms in a structural continuum with a red copper ruby glass, purpurin glass, and an opaque sealing. Each of these components has its unique properties which combine together to give Red Goldstone its properties.


Though not a naturally occurring mineral, this gemstone is chemically composed of SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) made from naturally occurring quartz, metallic copper and other chemical ingredients infused into it to give it its special qualities. When the silica and other chemical ingredients are melted, the molten compound solidifies into a system of amorphous crystals with a heterogeneous appearance if the right environment is provided. A finished product has a Mohs Hardness of 6 and specific gravity range of 2.50 to 2.80.  Its refractive index is between 1.530 and 1.550.


Undocumented reports say that this aventurine glass was accidentally discovered by monks of Italian descent. According to another urban legend, it was the ancient alchemists who discovered it. What is on record is that the Miotto family in Venice invented the initial manufacturing process of this gemstone in the seventeenth century. But it is certain that before the Miotto discovery, artisans of preceding generations already made the golden stone. The University of Pennsylvania has a collection of Goldstone amulets used by Persians during the 12th century. Today, red goldstone is widely used in sculpture. Different kinds of decorative ornaments such as carved religious images of angels, Buddha, images of creatures like dragons, elephants, and others. Jewelers and lapidaries also use it to make beautiful pendants, earrings, bracelets, and beads of different sizes and shapes.


Due to its red hue, this gemstone is associated with the root chakra. Red Goldstone has the reputation of being the stone of ambition, drive, confidence, and motivation. It is believed to help the possessor to develop a positive attitude and happier mindset. Regarded as an uplifter, it enhances the vitality of the bearer. This stone is also believed to be imbued with healing powers. Just like copper, it can be used to ameliorate joint pains and anxiety-induced stomach complaints. Regarded as a symbol of light, it is a stone to keep when one is emotionally feeling disturbed, confused or lost as it will help to dissipate all unwanted energies.

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