Rainbow Flourite

Rainbow Fluorite is a mineral from the Halides family which is comprised of calcium and Fluoride in a composition that is chemically formularized as CaF2. It is a beautiful gemstone naturally available in a rainbow of colors, a quality from which it acquired its name. With an isometric-hexoctahedral geometric system, this gemstone displays amazing color varieties of purple, green, yellow, blue and others. Internally, it can also have a thin film of Pyrite. It forms in granite and other kinds of igneous rock as a massive or granular substance with well-developed coarse crystals. The flat surface fractures in an irregular or uneven pattern.


Rainbow Fluorite has a perfect cleavage in each of the 4 angles giving rise to octahedrons. It is moderately strong having a hardness of 4 on the Mohs scale and a specific gravity of 3.1. It has a glassy luster with a refractive index of 1.434-1434. Displaying a weak fire value dispersion of 0.007, Flourspar, as it is also called, has no optic character and sign, and it does not manifest any pleochroic effect when turned to a different angle. Rainbow Fluorite stands out from other gemstones with its average density of 3.13 and transparent to sub-translucent diaphaneity. This gemstone is banded with fair stability and poor toughness.


Rainbow Fluorite has been widely utilized for many purposes. With its beauty, it is easy to see why it is an irresistible stone for many people who have a penchant for crystals. Highly valued for its unique banded varieties of multiple colors, Rainbow Fluorite needs little or no treatment to be given a better look. This explains why it is a material in the jewelry and lapidary industries for many years. Beads used in jewelry can be made from this stone however, it is not widely used because of poor toughness. It can also be cut and polished to make decorative items of different kinds which can be used as gift items or kept at home as ornamental pieces. It is also a good optics material. Given its good transparency in infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths, it can be used as a window material. Besides, the rate at which its refractive index changes with wavelength is very low.


Metaphysically, Rainbow Fluorite is believed to have amazing potentials thanks to its wide range of colors. The green helps in aura cleaning and engenders purity while joy, happiness, and personal energy are boosted with the yellow/gold color. The purple color improves the generation of new cells by speeding up the process of cellular mitosis. It aids mental recollection and meditation. Many people carry it to achieve the mental calmness required to engage in serious meditation. It enhances understanding and mental clarity during confusing situations. When cut and polished, it can be used in massage therapy. Many carry this stone for spiritual awakening and to avoid being a victim of any type of psychic manipulation.

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