Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is a member of the family of calcite minerals which are a type of carbonate that are isomorphous with each other. It is a very common, naturally occurring crystal that is available in different kinds of forms and hues. This gemstone forms in different kinds of environments and thus it is available in all the continents of the world. However, Mexico has the best variant of this mineral. It does not form a crystalline substance. Instead, it occurs in massive forms. As a carbonate mineral family member, it is chemically composed and formularized as CaCO3 grouped under the hexagonal scalenohedral crystal class. It solidifies in a trigonal crystal system.


Just like other calcite family members, the formation of Orange Calcite can occur in various ways. It can form from the solidification of amorphous calcium carbonate through the agglomeration of nanocrystals or an Ostwald ripening process. It can also form in the subsurface as a reaction to the action of microorganisms. Regardless of the manner in which it is formed, it exhibits a trigonal crystal habit resulting in various kinds of forms like scalenohedron, pinacoid, hexagonal prism and others. Just like other calcite members, it has some industrial applications. It can be used as a material for the production of a lot of items including mortars and limestone used in steel making industry, cement, and optical industries.


As implicit from the name, Orange Calcite is a variant of calcite in orange color but it is available in different shades of orange. In diaphaneity, it can be transparent to translucent. It is dull in luster in the massive forms but can also be vitreous to resinous. Associated with minerals like fluorite, barite, quartz, galena, and others, this variant of calcite has white streaks with a perfect cleavage on three dimensions. It is a soft mineral which on the Mohs scale has a hardness of 3 and specific gravity of 2.7. With a refractive index of nω = 1.640–1.660 and nε = 1.486, it double refracts at δ = 0.154–0.174. It is an inflexible mineral that fractures in an irregular manner.


Believed by many to be beneficial for emotional healing, Orange Calcite improves the mental life of the wearer. It alleviates depression and breakdown. This stone is also believed to ease the fear and emotional trauma associated with rape, accidents, and divorce. It can also help the possessor in dealing with phobias and suicidal thoughts. The possessor can achieve emotional balance and mental equilibrium. It can also enhance intuition and the psychic ability of the user.


On the physical level, the gemstone is believed to improve the reproductive system including the functions of the genitals. Sexual energies can be stabilized with this stone. It also helps with concerns regarding the kidney, irritable bowel syndrome, intestine, chronic fatigue, and enhances calcium intake. Associated with the Sacral Chakra, this stone is also said to give a boost to one’s spiritual, sexual and emotional life.

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