Opalite is an artificially made gemstone which is also called opalized fluorite, purple Opal, Ice cream Opal, or Tiffany stone. In the formation process, an opalescent effect is created with the fusion of opalized glass resin and metals. It is soft and smooth when touched or held.  It is a silicate family member with a chemical composition of SiO2+H2O. It is very much similar in appearance with moonstone, reason why some people confuse the two crystals.


Opalite is normally clear or milky in color but when kept in a dark backdrop, it assumes an unearthly, beamful blue. However, this stone becomes amber in color when it is held up to the light or against a white background.  Regardless of its color, it has white streaks. The stone is normally comprised of fluorite, quartz, and dolomite. It seems to combine the properties of charoite and lepidolite. It is a tough gemstone with a Mohs hardness of 5 to 7.  It is a valuable man-made stone in the jewelry-making industry. When cut and well-polished, it can be used to make decorative ornaments and objects.  It can also be used as beads in a necklace.


Metaphysically, Opalite is associated with the third eye chakra. The Tiffany Stone reputes as a booster of psychic abilities and enhancer of psychic vision. It supposedly puts into possessors the ability to communicate better. Moreover, it is believed that the stone is imbued with energies that clear any negative force blocking the meridians and chakras of the bearers. With it, information received psychically can easily be interpreted and related to others.


Physically, opalized fluorite can supposedly purify the possessors’ blood and give them a spirit of persistence which is required to succeed in life. This is why it is said that it brings success in business. Opalite is believed to energize the wearer when they are totally used up. Many say that this gemstone improves the health of the kidney as it detoxifies it. Some also believe that it has an aphrodisiac effect on the users by boosting their libido.


Opalite has become popular for the positive effect it has on one’s mental and emotional life. It improves the interaction and communication skills of the possessors. Bearers of this stone receive energy to clearly express themselves. It also enables possessors to uncover hidden emotions. The challenges and difficulty encountered during a transition from one stage or state to another can be relieved and ameliorated with this stone.  It helps the wearer adapt and accept changes. It is believed to calm the mind for effective retrospection. With it, the bearer will be able to achieve mental alertness and revitalize a weakened mind.

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  • Opalite, 1 lb Tumbled
    Sold by approximate weight and not by the size of the stones or its estimated count. Approximate weight: 1 lb Estimated stone count: 36 - 42 stones.  Size range: 1/2" x 3/4" - 5/8" x 1" ..