Magnetic Hematite

Magnetic Hematite is a readily available gemstone found in the shallow crust or surface of the earth. Alaska Black Diamond as it is also called, is a mineral form of iron oxide which is chemically formularized as Fe2O3. It is an environmental friendly stone that forms in igneous and metamorphic rocks in any part of the world. Similar in crystal structure with ilmenite and corundum, Magnetic Hematite crystallizes in the rhombohedral lattice system occurring in different forms such as massive, botryoidal, crystalline, oolitic, fibrous, compact columnar, stalactic, granular, friable and other forms. Mined as the major iron ore, this rock has different kinds of colors including black, gray, brown, red, silver and steel.


Magnetic Hematite is available in a variety of types which include rainbow hematite, red ochre, martite, and kidney. But each variant has a rust-red streak on it and it is opaque in appearance. Many species of the Alaska Black Diamond are attracted to a common magnet because there is enough magnetite in them even though they are not magnetic. With no cleavage, Magnetic Hematite fractures unevenly and measures 5 to 6 on the Mohs hardness scale. It has a specific gravity of 5.3. Associated with minerals like rutile, pyrite, dipyramidal quartz, Jasper in banded iron and others, this gemstone belongs to the hexagonal scalenohedral crystal class which has a metallic to a splendent luster. It displays brownish red or yellowish red pleochroic phenomenon with a double refraction of 0.280. Its refractive index is nω = 3.150–3.220, nε = 2.870–2.940.


As far back as 164,000 years ago, mankind has started making use of Magnetic Hematite for a number of purposes. It was the material for the earliest form of red chalk writing which was one of the original types of writing in human history. The gemstone was also popular among jewelers in Europe, especially during the Victorian era. Even in the contemporary era, with effective polishing, it can be used in producing decorative ornaments, cabochons, and beads for jewelry such as necklace, bracelets, and other jewelry. The United States of America obtains 90 percent of its iron ore from this mineral as it is rich in iron. The old world made red and brown colored paints with this stone.  Due to its luster, many gemstone collectors value it.


Metaphysically, Magnetic Hematite is a negative energy absorber. It is said to be effective in relieving worry and stress. During challenging situations, you can carry this stone to boost your confidence, as well as  required to stay on the ground. With this stone in possession, a person will be able to work the Root Chakra, free oneself from self-imposed limitation and discover one’s own talent.

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