Hiddenite is a green chromium-rich variety of spodumene, which is scarcer than regular kunzite. It was named after American geologist William Hidden, who initially exposed this translucent green diversity in Carolina in the region that now accepts its name, Hiddenite. It is a lithium aluminum silicate mineral in the pyroxene group. Hiddenite is a green gem diversity of Spodumene, as is Kunzite, the pink gemstone variety. It is frequently pleochroic, and its colors will fade by disclosure to sunlight.  Spodumene is a communal mineral, however, only in some localities does it occur in translucent gem form.


The chemical formulation of Hiddenite is LiAlSi2O6, which makes it a Lithium-Aluminum-silicate. It has a mainly green color and has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. It has a monoclinic quartz structure and refractive index of 1.66 to 1.68. The gemstone has a specific gravity of 3.1 to 3.2 and can be categorized as a see-through gemstone. It has a dual refraction of 0.015, in addition to a vitreous luster. Colors are light red to purple, colorless to yellow and Cleavage goes to perfect in two directions.  It has a cleavage of 1.2 along the prismatic axis. Hiddenite's pleochroism could help to differentiate it from other gems. A blend of this, its faultless cleavage, hardness, monoclinic crystal scheme, transparency as well as color can differentiate Hiddenite from other similar gems.


Hiddenite plus Kunzite are faceted more frequently for gem gatherers than the jewelry trade for two causes: the material is delicate, and it has a trend for the colors to fade because of prolonged disclosure to light. It is most frequently faceted in emerald form due to its crystal construction. Hiddenite minerals are highly gorgeous to collectors, plus Hiddenite jewelry makes stunning lovely pieces. This material is today mined in Myanmar, Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, Pakistan, North Carolina, and California.


It is said to be one of the firmest gemstones to cut due to the fact that it has flawless cleavage (tendency to split along precise planes of the crystalline construction) and the tendency to break. It is moreover more easily hurt than many other stones as well as can be chipped or cracked if it strikes another hard material.


Many believe that this stone excites the intellect, as well as the loving side of one's nature so as to bring out anonymous knowledge. It prompts the construction by other worlds and offers precision for the transfer of knowledge. It aids to provide visions while diagnosing a disorder in the body.  Where love does not seem to be sufficient, understanding is essential as it bridges that gap. Since the ancient times, this crystal was used by both royal and common people.

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