Blue Goldstone

Well known across the globe as ‘stellaria’ or the term ‘sitara’, Goldstone is human manufactured glass with copper particulate infusions and some streaks of manganese, cobalt or chromium. The addition of these metals imparts a deep blue shimmer to the Blue Goldstone. Being a variety of glass its hardness is less than quartz with a Moh’s hardness score of 6. It possesses an amorphous crystalline structure with copper flecks embedded in its crystalline pattern, giving it a blue sheen. With a refractive index of 1.53-1.55, it has a vitreous luster. Owing to its brittle nature it shows conchoidal, uneven and granular fractures. Cleavage planes of this stone are insignificant. 


Folklore also coined a term ‘monkstone’ to this blue gem. This monk’s gold has an amorphous crystalline with the triangular brown inclusion of copper together with cavity formation in the structure. The cavity within amorphous morphology contained entrapped gas bubbles. This transparent to opaque crystal has a specific gravity ranging from 2.5 to 2.8.


Cleansing of the stone to maintain its luster can employ sound, cold water, moonlight and embedding it deep into soil. Beware of using sunlight for cleansing purposes as this can reduce its brightness.


With element as Fire and Earth this stone belongs to the Zodiac Sagittarius. It promotes power, love, money and astrologically rests in planet Uranus. Linked to Throat Chakra it alleviates empathic and psychological sensitivities and guards against musculoskeletal diseases. Telepathy, learning, perceptibility, good luck, new beginnings and ambitions get revived in wearers of blue goldstone.


Invented by an Italian Miotti family settled in Venice, this stone gained fame as a healing stone. For the fact that glares of crystalline particles of this stone mimic sparkles of a starry night, it is often used for making wishes. This stone widens job opportunities and boosts your business. Therefore, keep a piece of the stone at your workplace and flourish speedily. With 3 as the gemstone’s energy vibration, it destines the bearer to name and fame. Many aspirant actors, singers, and musicians keep a piece of stone with them to fulfill their dreams of recognition.


Goldstone turns away all inessential energies and is known as a protection mineral. This stone stimulates the nervous system and helps children overcome their fear of the dark. Medically, ‘blue goldstone’ cures eye diseases like glaucoma, improves eyesight, counter tunnel vision, and relieves migraines and other types of headaches. It also treats allergy due to dust mites and animal dander. Possess the blue Goldstone and charm will find you.

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  • Blue Goldstone, 1 lb Tumbled
    Sold by approximate weight and not by the size of the stones or its estimated count. Approximate weight: 1 lb Estimated stone count: 25 - 30 stones.  Size range: 1/2" x 5/8" - 3/4" x 1" ..