African turquoise

African Turquoise is jasper with teal speckles which acquires its tint from turquoise shades. With its structural configuration and shape homologous to turquoise, it occurs in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock forms. It is a vitreous, opaque, hexagonal crystal which primarily occurs as a massive substance but may acquire mammillary, stalactitic, and botrydial configurations. Composed of microcrystalline quartz with silica particles enmeshed with impurities of iron oxides and other organic substances, African Turquoise depicts a brittle structure. Being environment-friendly, it occurs in diverse climatic zones. Furthermore, it has a Moh’s hardness score of 6.5-7 and a specific gravity of 2.7. This light greenish blue may occur as fluorescent, piezoelectric or triboluminescent crystal which readily dissolves in hydrofluoric acid. This magnificent crystal, mined in Africa, has white streaks flowing through its multicolored matter.


Jasper has gained fame as traditional birthstone for March together with heliotrope. With effective polishing, it can be utilized as a material for vases, snuff boxes and seals. African turquoise with its own uniqueness as Jasper is also labeled as ‘mock turquoise’ as people may perceive it as a turquoise stone.


With great renown as ‘stone of evolution’, African turquoise spins waves of transformation on its possessor. Consequently, the transformation process opens all gates of enthusiastic energies and encourages one to see new possibilities at every doorstep. It promotes metamorphosis while directing precise balance and essential confidence towards the path of the stone owner. It reveals the path of self development via renewal of energy as well as spirits. Once you get a possession of the talisman stone, it will reassure your path as you may cross trails of new possibilities.


African turquoise is believed to bring the pinnacle of wisdom as it develops its resonance with the third eye. Spiritual awakening leads the bearer of the stone to the greatest of purposes and guides him whenever the need arises to change paths. This stone may provide a guard against fatal accidents while some claim it may attract money into the house of the possessor. Focus enhancement and clearer mind come off as potential attributes of African Turquoise. The wearer can also use this stone as a remedy for headaches, liver damage, gallbladder injury, bladder diseases and stress. Meanwhile, it improves balance, sense of olfaction, energies, emotional strength and tissue healing. Similarly, it brings further positivity by evading fears and offers stability alongside protection. If you want a boost in your spiritual and bodily health, manage your Root Chakra via this mascot. Possess it for the charm it brings with a slight touch with your aura.

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  • African Turquoise, 1 lb Tumbled
    Sold by approximate weight and not by the size of the stones or its estimated count. Approximate weight: 1 lb Estimated stone count: 26 - 32 stones.  Size range: 5/8" x 7/8" - 1 1/8" x 1 3/8" ..